Little Old Lady Gets Covid

francine hardaway
3 min readMay 7, 2022

This is my third day of having Covid, something I got for being the oldest woman at a crypto conference. Let that sink in. Crypto is a young man’s game, but there I was, publicizing the $KARMA coin. After having spent two years in the house trying to avoid both the pandemic and the propaganda surrounding it, I had fallen for the Arizona numbers and the numbers had gone down.

I’m very lucky I still have a good brain and also knew that since Arizona neither tested nor traced, there was absolutely no way to know whether what was being reported nationwide had anything to do with actual data. The closest thing to “the science” was probably hospital admissions, and those were also down. I didn’t ask for the incidence of Covid in the wastewater because I didn’t know who to ask or how to interpret the data.

So you need not tell me it is entirely my fault that I got Covid.

In my case, I am vaccinated and have had two boosters, but I am 80 (for another week). My immune system must have been stunned that I would ever attempt to go to a conference, Two days later I got feverish during the night, and woke up nauseous and stuffed up, with a blazing sinus headache. I knew immediately.

I staggered out of the house into the semi-darkness and walked the dogs, in case this was only the beginning, which it was. It was not the two-mile walk they were expecting, but they were accommodating. Then I took an at-home Covid test, and for the first time, it showed positive. I had been routinely testing for two years. But this time, as Hamlet said, “there needs no ghost, m’lord (lady) to tell us…”

I called my PCP, who prescribed Paxlovid. She did not seem to think I would die, although I did. In fact, by then I thought I would have to get better to die.

She also told me Paxlovid doesn’t take away symptoms, so I asked my trusty friend Ed to pick me up some Thera-Flu. I consumed all the drugs, outwaited my urge to throw them all up, and then slept away most of Thursday.

I would have slept more of Friday but for the coughing. I couldn’t lay down. Finally on Friday night I crept into child’s pose (which in hospitals is called proning) and stayed there until I finally fell asleep.

Saturday I woke up feeling much better. But when I walked out of the house with the dogs I soon realized it was not as much better as I had thought. Our Pharma friends have brought us a drug that keeps us out of the hospital, but does not make us better or even reduce symptoms. It has saved the hospital system. But each one of us is on her own.

Not only that, but Paxlovid produces a strange taste in your mouth that corrupts every food you eat. My daughters sent me French chocolate and gourmet rice pudding for Mothers’ day, but when I tried them, each tasted like a pill you let melt in your mouth by mistake. I put them aside for the future.

I was not fortunate enough to get asymptomatic Covid. I got “kick you in the face” Covid. I will not be considered out of the woods until day 5. This is day 3. You can’t believe how difficult it was to track that.

And then, guess what? The news is reporting that my symptoms can come back!



francine hardaway

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